Huntsville Lakes Probus Club
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Special Interest Groups

One of the strengths of the Huntsville Lakes Probus Club is the number and variety of our special interest groups. Currently we have 29 different interest groups that cater to, literally, whatever our members want to do. Some groups get together weekly, some monthly, and some whenever they choose.

Depending on the activity, some are held outdoors, some indoors at a designated location and some rotate amongst members’ homes. As some events generate greater interest, (eg wine tasting, book clubs) we have multiple groups doing the same activity on different dates and with differing parameters. Each group has a Facilitator to coordinate the activity and liaise with our Special Interest Facilitator. In the event that you want to participate in an activity that is not listed, the Special Interest Facilitator will help you start a new group.

Special Interest Group List:

Bid Euchre Book Bridge  Carving
Creative Cuisine 19 Cross Country Skiing Downhill Skiing Games
Genealogy Hiking/Paddling Investment Club Knitting
Lunch Bunch Mahjong Photography Workshop Scotch Tasting
Travelers Club Wine Tasting